Early Spring Flowers


As we can see in nature around us, early spring is when energy starts to rise. Nature is stirring, the sap is rising, buds are forming, bulbs are flowering and the animals are getting ready to mate. The same is true for us humans. In early spring along with the increase in hours of daylight our energy levels start to rise. This building energy affects us both internally and externally. Our activity increases and we have more vitality of body and mind. This is the perfect time for starting new projects and making new beginnings.

According to Chinese philosophy early spring is the time of wood element. The organs that relate to this time of year are Liver and Gallbladder. Early spring specifically relates to the Liver and this is when your liver will have strongest energy. This is fine if you liver is in a good state but you may become more aware of your liver at this time if it is over faced. You could experience symptoms such as difficulty digesting, feeling sick, experiencing poor sleep or feeling more irritable than usual.

The liver is a chemical factory responsible for much of the breakdown and recycling in the body. As a major detoxification organ the liver removes toxins such as alcohol, caffeine, drugs and excess hormones from the blood. It breaks down old, worn out red blood cells. It continues the metabolism of fats, sugars and proteins from the intestines, into small molecules for use in the body. The liver also has immune cells (macrophages) which capture and breakdown bacteria, fungi, parasites and other debris from the blood. Much of these acidic waste products are used to make bile, which gets released back into the stomach for the breakdown of ingested fat. The liver also stores minerals and fat soluble vitamins for future use. From the Chinese perspective the liver energy plays a large role in the health and function of the reproductive system. This can be important if you are planning to conceive, pregnant or going through the menopause.

Early spring is a very effective time to utilise the liver strength and support the body by doing a detox. This gives us a great opportunity to refresh the system after the more stagnant winter months when we traditionally consume heavier foods and drinks.

Some simple ways to support the liver in detoxifying the body include:

  • Drink a large glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon in it, first thing before breakfast.
  • Body brushing with a soft bristled body brush, using gentle strokes up the limbs towards the heart helps to circulate sluggish lymphatics.
  • Increase your intake of fresh green vegetables e.g organic broccoli and kale, and taking a healthy green supplement like spirulina. These supply your body with the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and vitality to maximise your detox.
  • Take a milk thistle supplement traditionally known to support the liver to recover from over indulgence.
  • Get outdoors into nature preferably around trees where you can experience some of the vibrant green palettes available this time of year. It is really effective for reducing stress level which is another key factor in detoxification and liver health.
  • Take some light cardiovascular exercise outside so you can benefit from the increased daylight. All sports and physical leisure activities are good for mental health and happiness as well as physical well-being.


If you would like further help with nutritional advice or a spring detox I can recommend www.asharani.co.uk a nutritionist in East Sussex.

If you could do with some no-nonsense advice for decluttering try the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.

Detoxing is not just for the body. There is a good reason for the traditional ‘Spring Clean’. We are simply working in harmony with the energy of the season. De-cluttering and cleaning your environment is the natural way to prepare for the year ahead. Clearing out that which is no longer relevant from the past months and years gives the space both physically and mentally for new ventures and new developments. In nature bacteria have broken down and recycled last year’s waste, preparing the ground for the next year’s growth.  Unfortunately we are responsible for clearing out and cleaning our own cupboards. However, we always feel much better for it when we do because our inner state and our outer state reflect one another.

How treatments can support you.

If you feel you struggle with this time of year, either feeling physically or emotionally stuck, having treatments can help. It is a season for moving forward which can sometimes be difficult for example if you have experienced grief or big life changes. Treatments can support you to find understanding and acceptance of your feelings which in turn allows you to feel better physically and mentally. Treatments also support the physical body to detoxify, recover from sluggishness, lack of energy, aches and pains, along with many other physical symptoms. Why not give yourself the best opportunity to make the most of this spring?