It is now the season of late spring. The trees are fully in leaf and plants are growing rampantly. If you are a gardener you may be aware that it’s hard to keep up with the rapid growth and development everywhere you turn. These are the same qualities affecting the human and animal world too. Late spring is a time of rapid transformation. Maybe the new projects you have taken on are racing ahead with a momentum of their own. You might feel you have too many different ideas, tasks and occupations that you want or need to purse. These qualities can become quite overwhelming.

The new growth and development of springtime is a beautiful and inspiring thing. It is important for us, to lift our spirits and to open up and roll with the opportunities available to us this year. What can happen in late spring due to the pace of change is that we experience movement without stability, we become un-grounded. This is what we need to watch out for in our daily life’s, particularly at this time of year.    

Tips to support your health and wellbeing in late spring  

  • Make sure you are getting enough good quality sleep. It is natural to be waking early at this time of year so make sure you get to bed early enough if you are leading busy and demanding days.
  • Nourish yourself well. Make sure to be eating enough healthy food and drinking enough water to sustain you through active and dynamic times. Leave time in your day to buy and prepare quality meals.
  • Give yourself enough down-time and relaxation. This is important to maintain a happy inspired mind and healthy body. It also helps you focus when you need to focus and sleep when you need to sleep. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down and spend a little bit more time at home.
  • Allow time for contemplation. If your mind is busy with many projects all moving at a pace you are more likely to make mistakes or miss important details. Give each thing the time and space it deserves to be completed with satisfaction and joy. It is better than the stress of needing to go back and do things again.
  • This is an excellent time of year to take up meditation. Meditation gives your mind and body the opportunity to slow down and integrate. When we are busy the mind races off and becomes very detached and ungrounded. Meditation brings the mind back, reconnecting you to your body, giving the sense of being whole again.


Headspace App
Headspace is a brilliant app for guiding you in to meditation. It is very accessible to any age or ability. The daily exercises gradually progress to include insight into many mental habits such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Inside Meditation by author Alexander Filmer-Lorch  ISBN: 9781780881997
Inside Meditation offers a timeless and down-to-earth approach to meditation based on Alexander Filmer-Lorch’s wealth of knowledge and experience gained over 30 years of self-practice and 20 years of meditation and philosophy teaching. The book is inspired and influenced by both old and new traditions.

According to Chinese philosophy late spring, like early spring is symbolised by the element of wood. The organ that is strongest at this time of year is the gall bladder. The gall bladder is a small organ that stores and concentrates the bile made by your liver. Bile is secreted into the lower part of the stomach, the duodenum to help break down and digest fats.

People who are prone to acid reflux can often find that their symptoms worsen at this time of year. Others may find they develop this symptom when they don’t have it through the rest of the year. If you feel you experience acidity it makes sense to consider your diet. Maybe you eat too many fatty or rich foods for your system to process. Consider cutting out red meat and dairy based foods and take a look at the cleansing tips given in my Early Spring blog article.

The gall bladder meridian runs from the outer corner of each eye, zig zags across the sides of the head then drops down the sides of the body and leg to the 4th toe. Due to the route of the gallbladder meridian and the muscles and joints it energised certain symptoms can be exacerbated. These include; headaches, shoulder pain and restriction in raising the arm forward, hip and knee problems.

How treatments can support you

Having a treatment is always good for relaxing the mind and bringing you back in touch with your body. It provides the time to reconnect, reset, regenerate and rejuvenate. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, which may relate to the heightened energy of the gall bladder meridian, we can focus on releasing restrictions along its path. Thus balancing the flow of the gall bladder meridian and easing your symptoms.