Water element in winter

Winter is with us. The weather became considerably colder but brighter with it which is always a good thing. The challenge in winter is to keep going, stay fit and healthy and maintain some momentum in your life. It is a symbolic time of year and this is why it can be a difficult time for some of us. It’s all too easy to for us to retract due to the cold but it is important for the emotions, psyche and physical body that we maintain active and flowing.

Taking Care of Yourself in Winter

Two of the important ways to take care of ourselves at this time of year are; to keep our immune systems strong and well supported and to keep our spirits in check and in good balance. For our immunity I find the best 2 antioxidants to be grapeseed extract and turmeric taken as supplements. These can be further boosted by making up jugs of fresh ginger and lemon tea for an added zing. It is easy at this time of year to forget about eating salad and uncooked foods. I am very much in favour of eating seasonably but we also need to stay aware of how we are feeling inside. Balance is best in all respects. So to prevent ourselves from becoming sluggish and putting on weight continue to eat some lighter fresher meals. Likewise, don’t just live on smoothies and salad at this time of year we need the nourishment and warmth of soups and casseroles where the steady cooking process gives food more energy. For our spirits it is important to listen to yourself, to what your body, mind and emotions need. Make sure you get enough rest and sleep. Make sure you get enough interaction and company… emotional warmth but be careful not to burn yourself out.

The Element of Water

In Feng Shui terms this time of year represents your career, your path and your journey through life. The element of water is symbolised by oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. Water has many different forms and pervades everything; it is the element of life. These properties entitle it with mystery, the unconscious, our dream life, emotions and fears. All of which play a major part in who and what we are. After all we are 70% water. For this reason it helps us to have a healthy relationship with our personal water element. A certain amount of flow and movement prevents stagnation and feeds us with dynamic exchange.

The Organs of Water Element

The organs of water element are the Bladder and Kidneys.

The Bladder is a muscle that expands and contracts as needed to contain our waste water before it is eliminated. Therefore it can be seen as the storehouse of our emotions. The bladder is urged to empty when the volume becomes too great or the toxicity too strong. Drinking plenty of clean fresh water gives the opportunity to exercise the bladder muscle. The Bladder meridian runs from the inner corners of the eyes up over the top of the head and straight down the back, either side of the spine. A second pair of lines come out from the base of the neck, running down the back and all the way down the back of the legs, then along the outer edge of the foot to the little toe. The muscles associated with the bladder meridian are; either side of the spin involved with keeping the back straight and in the lower leg for controlling the movement of the foot and ankle.

The Kidneys control the volume and composition of the fluid in all of our cells. They filter out toxic material and retain nourishing material for the body to use. Their function is essential for maintaining the balance of our whole system. The kidneys are important in growth, development and reproductive function, they are seen as our storehouse of vital energy. The adrenal glands are positioned at the top of the kidneys. If we spend too much time relying on adrenal boosts the kidney energy will burn out, resulting in adrenal and renal exhaustion. The kidney meridians pass from the sole of the foot behind the toes, around the inside of the ankles and up the inside of the leg, then continuing up the groin and tummy close to the midline, finally stepping out to the edges of the sternum ending at the collarbone. The muscles associated with the kidney meridian are psoas and iliacus in the lower back and pelvis used in bending forwards or lifting/kicking the legs and upper trapezius involved in shoulder and neck movement and holding the head straight.

Questions we can consider in relation to water element and our bladder and kidneys are:

Are your emotions flowing? Do you hold on to things that are toxic for you? Do you have the flexibility to expand and contract (respond to change) without getting irritated? Do you struggle to maintain balance? Do you feel under pressure? Do you have enough vitality to grow and develop or are you living off your reserves? If you are feeling that any of these concerns apply to you, come for a treatment and we can address your concerns.