Bowen Technique

Bowen technique gently triggers your body to physically rebalance. Your body will self-correct giving you better posture coordination and ease of movement.

What is Bowen Technique?

Bowen technique is a gentle, hands on physical therapy for triggering your body to readjust. A special rolling move “the Bowen move” is gently performed in sequences all over the body. Primary attention is given to the muscles and connective tissue (fascia) around the spine, pelvis and shoulders followed by the other joints of the body. The Bowen technique treatment is deeply relaxing and the body naturally let’s go of any unnecessary tension it is carrying. However there is more than simple relaxation going on. The Bowen move generates an auto-regulation response which improves the coordination of all of our systems. Bowen technique improves the way we move, our digestion, breathing and mental clarity to name a few.

Why do I need Bowen Technique?

Bowen technique is a fantastic therapy to support rehabilitation from accidents, injury, surgery or illness. Symptoms such as pain, inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and restricted movement respond quickly to Bowen therapy. Sports people and dancers frequently use Bowen to maintain peak performance and assist in fitness regimes or to recover from injury. Bowen is equally wonderful for maintaining health and stamina through stressful times. The effects of Bowen leave you feeling physically freer, healthier and more energised for life.

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Bowen is successfully used to treat the following conditions;

  • Recovery from accidents and injuries including sports injuries
  • Respiratory conditions including asthma
  • Back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain
  • Joint problems including arthritis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stress, exhaustion or depression
  • Rehabilitation from surgery or illness
  • RSI and postural or over-use conditions
  • Digestive, bladder & elimination conditions
  • Muscular aches and pains, tension and restricted movement
  • Jaw problems including clicking or popping jaw or grinding teeth
  • Allergy, inflammation, swelling and fluid retention
Client receiving Bowen technique treatment

How does Bowen work?

Bowen triggers the body to produce its own reset response through the nervous system; this is why it gives us a therapeutic effect both physiologically and metabolically.

The unique Bowen move stimulates the nerve receptors in the connective tissues (fascia) and muscles. This stimulation alerts the brain to rebalance the fascial map of the body. The fascial map is what tells us where our limbs are when we have our eyes closed. It is very important in creating accurate movement.

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The Bowen moves release excess tension in fascia and muscles but also stimulate a balancing tone in weaker areas too. This is how it brings about improvement in posture and alignment of the spine and throughout the body. Postural alignment and improved tone and elasticity in the tissue enable better circulation of blood and draining of lymphatic fluid. This means all of our cells are healthier and can work better for us.

The stimuli from the Bowen moves also triggers the same type of auto-regulation by the brain of all of our body’s systems so its effects are deep and far reaching. The autonomic nervous system that controls our metabolic function is rebalanced. This has a good effect on heart rate, blood pressure, rate and depth of breathing, hormonal regulation and so on.

Through auto-regulation and the balancing of tone our bodies can recover, repair, heal and feel far better.

Fascia Bowen

Fascia Bowen is a different style of Bowen therapy using the same Bowen move principal but in an even gentler way. This technique sends the stimuli through the entire length of the nerve routes from the skin, helping the body to regulate its sensory awareness. It has proved to be very beneficial for children with learning difficulties or coordination problems like dyspraxia. It is also wonderfully effective for fluid retention or rehabilitation from strokes or other nervous system damage. This technique can be used in combination the usual Bowen or as a complete treatment.

Bowen Children’s Clinic

I am registered with the BTPA as a Bowen Children’s Clinic.

Bowen is known as an excellent therapy for improving symptoms of many childhood ailments such as colic, asthma, eczema, ear infections, colds and throat infections. It also has a great reputation for helping developmental concerns like bed wetting, growing pains, posture, balance, coordination and enhanced motor control. Bowen can help children cope better with the effects of trauma and anxiety. Parents often find their children are able to sleep better and concentrate more, leading to a calmer, happier household.

A child’s Bowen treatment is very gentle. All sessions are carried out over clothing and with the parent/carer remaining in the room.

Child receiving Bowen technique

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What Anna’s clients say

“Anna has been a great find. The Bowen therapy sessions have helped me manage my back pain more than any other treatment I’ve had.

When I developed RSI in my wrist and elbow I knew exactly where to go and in just one session with Anna the condition was vastly improved.

It’s always a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience that works! ”

Jo W.

“I highly recommend Anna, having suffered from severe Carpel Tunnel Syndrome; Doctors said my only option was surgery. I consulted Anna who suggested Bowen therapy; after 3 treatment the pain and restriction in my wrists was gone.  I occasionally have a top up session to keep my wrists free from pain. Alternative therapies really work and I believe are far better for my for my body than surgery.”

Phyllis S.

“I took my 4 year old daughter to see Anna as she was having growing pains.

Anna did some Bowen and CST work on Eva. Even after the first treatment I found it to be very effective. Eva’s growing pains have become less frequent and overall she is calmer and sleeping much better.

I highly recommend Anna, she is patient, calm and a great therapist!”

Eva 4

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the treatment?

I give 1hr 15minutes for an appointment, this gives us some consultation time at the beginning, you get an hour of actual treatment time and then we still have enough time to wrap at the end of your session.

How many treatments will I need?

There is no definite answer to this question. Every person is different and the pace that their body responds is different. In general a long standing or deep seated condition will take longer to clear than an acute or recent one. The normal protocol with Bowen is to have 3 sessions and that will give us a better sense of your speed of response. A lot of the time an issue will resolve in the first 1-2 sessions, in which case it is not necessary to book the 3rd treatment but if you are still aware of some symptoms it is advisable to have the 3rd.

What are the after effects of Bowen?

Sometimes people experience after effects from a treatment. This is completely natural. When your body has made some significant changes there can be a lot of follow on changes that the rest of your body is able to make in response to the new status quo. This is a positive process, your body is making the most of the treatment.

After effects could be simple things like feeling tired, a bit emotional, hot or cold. Sometimes familiar sensations, transient aches and pains or headaches. It is advisable not to plan anything too strenuous for the couple of days after a treatment, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep if you find you experience after effects like these. It can also be an indicator that your body would benefit from having some more frequent treatments to move it through this stage.

Would I need to get undressed?

Sometimes it is beneficial for me to get to see the alignment of your spine, shoulders and pelvis. In this case I may ask you to undress to you underwear. This may well only be necessary for the first couple of sessions. If you are uncomfortable with this then we can work around it, just let me know. It is most important that you feel comfortable to have your treatment.

What should I wear?

It is preferable to be wearing loose comfortable clothes. Your skin needs to move freely under your clothes so no skin tight trousers please. I also need to move your legs around during the treatment so trousers are far better than skirts.