Brainbuzzz is an exercise system that strengthens the way we receive information from the world and the way we process that information. This makes interaction a more relaxed and natural process and enables better concentration and understanding.

What is Brainbuzzz?

Brainbuzzz is for children or adults who experience learning difficulties, a sense of detachment or struggle with aspects of life. You may already have a diagnosis of dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD or ADHD.

Have you noticed any of the following;

  • Day dreams, poor concentration, short attention span
  • Fatigues easily, loses place, reverses or transposes order of things, omits small words
  • Clumsiness, poor hand writing, balance problems
  • Speech difficulties, poor articulation, dexterity problems
  • Poor timing, coordination, spatial perception
  • Poor hand eye coordination, messy eating
  • Dizziness, nausea, motion sickness
  • Bed wetting, difficulty sitting still
  • Allergies, anxiety, mood swings, low self esteem

Brainbuzzz is a sensory exercise programme that tones up the sensory input systems of the body/brain in much the same way a fitness programme would strengthen your muscles. This system has been devised to replicate the very primitive stages of the development of our senses which provide the foundation of all our understanding of what we see, touch and hear and feel. By exercising these systems our neuro plasticity recalibrates them bringing them into balance and this greatly improves the way we experience the world around.

The Brainbuzzz programme is the primary step to enabling good sensory integration and sensory processing. Brainbuzzz develops the sensory input stage which naturally strengthens the sensory integration and sensory processing stages of understanding and interaction. Without strong, well balanced sensory input the individual is trying to integrate and process chaotic signals.

Child receiving Brainbuzzz therapy

How does Brainbuzzz work?

The Brainbuzzz programme builds up in stages, each stage providing a solid foundation for the next stage of neural development. This process follows just the same way our development naturally occurs. For some people neural development gets disrupted or damaged by experiences like difficult births, infections or fevers. This is where recreating the neurological development stages with Brainbuzzz can help.

It is repetition of very specific movement exercises that creates the growth of new nerve pathways in the body and brain. These new nerve pathways fill out the body/brain’s sensual perception matrix. It is very important for daily repetition of exercises to be carried out by the individual to encourage the nerves to grow and new neural connections to become hard wired and stable.

What I can offer

1:1 screening – For children aged about 5 years and over there is a screening process to help determine their current abilities and show us at what stage of the Brainbuzzz process the child, teen or adult should begin.

The screening is carried out in a relaxed and friendly way to keep the child/adult feeling at ease. It is a process of play and careful observation.

Read more about 1:1 screening

A parent must be present through the whole process. It is beneficial for the parent/s to observe the process and witness the results for them to gain a greater understanding of their child’s sensory make-up. Also it is often fun to carry out some parts of the screening process on a parent too which takes some pressure off the child.

During the screening we will be looking at……..

  • Hemispheric Dominance
  • Tactile Perception
  • Muscle Proprioception
  • Balance
  • Natural Movement Patterns
  • Visual Pursuits

Even small deviations from ‘the norm’ in any of these neurological processes can create significant symptoms for the individual.

Everything that we test for, we have an exercise for.  The exercises stimulate the production of new neurological pathways in the brain. The screening helps us see at what stage the neurological development has been interrupted, in utero, birth or after birth. Then I will teach you the movement processes that will relay the neurological pathways from the relevant stage.

School Ready Programme – For children under 5 or those showing greater needs we start at the first level and do not try a full screening.  All children are different and have their own pace but school now-a-days is very demanding.

More about School Ready Programme

This is the Brainbuzzz programme without the screening process.

The School Ready Programme uses the same sensory and movement neuro development exercises that we use for children with learning difficulties. The Brainbuzzz programme triggers further activation and integration of the cranial nerves both sensory and motor, enabling fuller recognition, engagement and interaction with the world. If this neural foundation is not complete then comprehension is more difficult.

Baby Brainbuzzz – perfect for if you have concerns that something isn’t right from early on. There is nothing like nipping a problem in the bud, so to speak. If you have any concerns or suspicions that something is not right, your baby doesn’t seem to be acting like other babies or the birth was not smooth then maybe Baby Brainbuzzz is the answer.

More about Baby Brainbuzz

Are you aware of any missed developmental stages?

  • Not rolling over
  • No crawling, bottom crawling or late crawling
  • Late walking
  • Late talking
  • Not holding head right
  • Not able to track with eyes
  • Glue ear (persistent)

Whatever age your baby is we can discuss and observe your concerns and make up an age appropriate programme.

Group talks – I am very happy to come along and give an informal talk to your group.

Child receiving Brainbuzzz therapy

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What Anna’s clients say

“The Brainbuzzz programme made real changes for me. I just wish it had been available when I was a child.

I could feel my nervous system changing and further developing as I progressed through the stages of the programme.

My brain no longer locked up with overload as I read aloud, I was freed from Dyslexia. But also my debilitating shyness dropped away.

I felt complete and confident in a way I never had before.”

Anna - 40

“Bruno had a difficult pregnancy with lots of medical intervention, then several more surgeries and a body cast in his first year and a half. His crawling walking and talking were all delayed. His teacher said that despite his reading being good he was not comprehending what he read. I took him through the Brainbuzzz programme because his development had been so disrupted. Not only did his mental uptake become very sharp. He also became far more strong sturdy and dextrous in his hands arms and legs. He has never looked back; he’s flying through his education with ease.”

Bruno - 5

“I took my daughter to see Anna during crawling, sleeping and teething troubles.

It was so useful getting help and advice regarding developmental concerns.

Anna has such a calming presence that helped my daughter and I relax during her treatment.

I liked the fluid, non-invasive element to the treatment, which is very suitable and appropriate for a baby and she slept much more peacefully afterwards.”

Connie - 1

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Brainbuzzz Programme take to complete?

This is difficult to answer as it is different for everyone. It depends on the severity of the symptoms we are working with. There are 4-5 sections to the programme and each section will take approximately 4-6 weeks. It is the daily repetition that builds up and strengthens the neural connections so it’s well worth giving each stage the time it needs.

How will we know we are ready to move on to the next stage?

Once you/your child is able to complete all of the exercises accurately and easily and has done so for about a week you are ready for the next level. We will arrange your next appointment and I will check your progress with the current moves. When you’re ready I will teach you the next stage to move on to.

Will I need to help my child to complete the exercises?

Yes but the extent to which you will need to help will vary depending on the age of the child and their ability. Some children need a lot of support and physical assistance or patterning to get them started. Others will just need observing to see they have got it right and moral support and encouragement.

Can an adult take themselves through the programme without help?

Yes they can. It is all possible to do on your own. However, an adult that is still dependant on others will, most probably need help to complete the programme.

How important is the screening?

The screening gives us a lot of useful information to identify where the individuals weaknesses are. The screening also helps in determining which stage of the Brainbuzzz programme it is best to start at for this person.

The screening is repeated towards the end of the programme to enable a comparison of how they have progressed. However, we can make an educated guess at these details just from spending a bit of time together so screening is not essential for younger children or those that would find it too challenging.